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Certified Partnered Program & Accredited by Arizona State University

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4-Day In-Person Immersive
Somatic Breathwork Certification Training

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12 Week LIVE Certification Training
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Certified Soma+IQ™ Practitioner Training


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#1 Somatic Breathwork Certification Accredited by Arizona State University Please fill out the short form below to apply and get connected with one of our Soma+IQ™ Mentors. On your call, you’ll explore funding options, learn more about the training, and get answers to any questions you have!


Meet Jaggers & Fischer

Founders of SBW™

Our purpose in life is to liberate people from the stress & overwhelm that lies unprocessed in our body so that we become free in our mind. We believe there is an exact correlation between our physical vitality and mental health. If we want to improve the quality of our lives we MUST address both.

SBW™ has been the most powerful modality we've found that has truly created a lasting change for our clients, community and the world. We are changing the paradigm of Mind-Body Health. 

5 Day Somatic Breathwork Experience. Receive a new daily practice every day for the next 5 days. 


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