Use The Power of Breath 

To Clear Suppressed Emotions & Stress 

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Use The Power of Breath 

To Clear Suppressed Emotions & Stress 

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What is Somatic Release Breathwork™?

SRBW™ is a powerful method that utilizes

  • Emotional Release Breathwork  

  • N.L.P. Verbal Communication

  • Trauma-Informed Touch Techniques

To help people release the stressors and overwhelm that have laid dormant within the body from our fast-paced modern lifestyle.

The Mental Health world is changing, it is becoming widely recognized that trauma and stress not only affect the mind, but they are also embedded in our body 

Somatic Release Breathwork™ is at the forefront of helping people do just that....

Clearing out the stress and suppressed emotions in their body to regain clarity in their mind, mission and life.  

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What clients are saying...

“Steven is world class as a bodyworker and coach, I always feel so clear mentally and aligned physically after working with him.”

Kyle Kingsbury, Director of Human Optimization, ONNIT

“Steven is a master at his craft, through the few months of working with him I have received incredible insights that have helped heal my body, my business and my relationships ”

Drew Canole, CEO of Organifi

“Steven creates a safe, non-judgmental space to help people move things out of their body, especially women that haven't experienced a lot of inner work. I love what he does and how knowledgable + professional he is about what he provides." 

Cayla Craft, Mommy Millionaire 

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