In-Person SomatIQ™ Breathwork Practitioner Training

Certified Partnered Program & Accredited by Arizona State University

This accreditation means that individuals taking the SomatIQ certification training are eligible to receive 4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 

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#1 Somatic Breathwork Certification Accredited by Arizona State University


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Phase 1

SomatIQ™ Understanding

(Self Alignment)

Dive into the Soma and Psyche, mastering principles of somatic awareness, expression, and relation. Uncover the dynamics of stress and trauma responses to lay the foundation for becoming an embodied practitioner capable of facilitating transformational experiences.

Phase 2

SomatIQ™ Facilitation

(Practitioner Mastery)

Advance your skills with tools and techniques for nervous system regulation and somatic communication. You'll develop the capacity to guide clients from suppression to full expression, while exploring the science of breath and its effects on the nervous system.

Phase 3

SomatIQ™ Session

(Client Application)

In the final phase, drawing on your self-alignment and practitioner mastery, you'll refine your skills for practical client application. You'll learn to adeptly customize the SomatIQ™ Session, providing deeply impactful and transformative experiences uniquely tailored to each client's personal wellness path.

4 Day: In-Person

SomatIQ™ Breathwork Practitioner Training

  • 4 Day In-Person Immersive Somatic Training Certification
  • Location: Austin, TX 
  • Time: 9am - 5pm Thursday - Sunday
  • Immediate Access SomatIQ Practitioner membership 
  • Immediate Access to 600+ Private Practitioner Group

Note* Limited seats for in-person training 

(installment options available)