SBW™ Practitioner Training

Use The Power of Breath for Emotional Wellness and Mental Clarity

Become a SBW™ Certified Practitioner and Develop a Powerful Somatic Modality to Impact your Clients and Community

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Become a Certified SBW™ Practitioner


This Training is for you if…

  • You have a strong desire to help clients develop Emotional Wellness & Mental Clarity 
  • You are a Coach, Practitioner, Therapist or Health & Wellness Advocate that wants to work with clients using a Somatic Approach.
  • You want to have deeper understanding of your own nervous system and the tools to regulate yourself along with coregulating with clients.
  • You want to develop the capacity work with both 1:1 Clients, Groups, Retreats, Events and Corporate Wellness
  • You are looking to learn how to support your clients in both an Online and In-Person Setting. 
program benefits

In this training, you will learn…

program benefits
  • Trauma-Informed Techniques to Regulate the Nervous System  
  • An In-Depth Somatic Understanding of The Body & Breathing
  • Self Practices To Align Yourself as a Practitioner
  • Develop an deeper understanding of Nervous System Communication and How to Hold a Safe Space for Emotional Release 
  • How to hold 1:1 sessions, groups and Zoom sessions
  • How to integrate this technique to work with your Ideal Clients, Corporate Wellness, Groups and Retreats. 
  • Guided NLP Vocal Cueing, Trauma-Release Touch Techniques & Emotional Release Breathwork 
  • The Structure of Running a Thriving Breathwork Business
  • Live Feedback and Practice Sessions 
  • The Support of a Global Community of Practitioners 

Choose Your Style of SBW™ Training

***Both Trainings will receive the same curriculum & level of support



(installments available) 

  • Phoenix, AZ: Dec. 1st - 4th
  • Last in-person training of the year
  • Price increasing 2023
  • 4 day Live Intensive Training 9:00am - 5:00pm Thursday-Sunday Taught by Founder Steven Jaggers
  • Live Interactive Lecture, Techniques & In-Person Feedback 
  • Spiral-Bound SBW™ Course Material Book
  • Participation in Live Session for the Public 
  • Access to ongoing support & a community of practitioners  
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(installments available}

  • Fall training begins Sept. 27th, 2022
  • Last online training of the year 
  • Price increasing 2023 
  • 12 week Live Online Program Taught by SBW™ Founder Steven Jaggers 
  • Live Interactive Zoom Calls on Tuesdays 12pm PST
  • First 8 weeks are modulated & interactive training 
  • Last 4 weeks are supportive practicum sessions & feedback 
  • PDF & curriculum downloads 
  • Access to ongoing support & a community of practitioners 
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Powerful Words From Our Students


Hi, I’m Steven Jaggers

Founder of SBW™

My purpose in life is to liberate people from the stress & overwhelm that lies unprocessed in our body so that we become free in our mind. I believe there is an exact correlation between our physical vitality and mental health. If we want to improve the quality of our lives we MUST address both.

SBW™ has been the most powerful modality I have found that has truly created a lasting change for my clients, community and the world. We are changing the paradigm of Mind-Body Health. 

Nervous System Regulation Workshop


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