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I acknowledge that Body Intelligence,LLC DBA SomatIQ™ Breathwork/SBW™is a deep and powerful process. I have notified the practitioners of any physical injuries, mental or psychological conditions I have. I engage in this experience willingly and take full responsibility for my own physical, mental and emotional experiences during and after the session.


SBW™ is intended as a personal growth experience and should not be looked upon as a substitute for psychotherapy. It is not appropriate for pregnant women, for persons with cardiovascular problems, including angina or heart attack, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, history of seizures, stroke, major psychiatric conditions, recent surgery, acute infectious illness or epilepsy. If you have any doubt about whether you should participate, please consult with your primary care physician. Persons with asthma should bring their inhaler and consult with their primary care physician.

A/V Release:

I hereby grant permission to SBW™, the rights of my image in video or still, and of the likeness and sound of my voice as recorded on audio or video. I understand that my image may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed, and waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein in my likeness appears. Additionally, I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of my image or recording. I also understand that this material may be used in diverse educational settings or social media platforms within an unrestricted geographic area.


I hereby release and hold harmless practitioners of SBW™ from any and all results, that arise during or from the SBW™. I waive all rights under law regarding the same. I or my representative(s) agree to full release and hold practitioners of SBW™ harmless from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my session(s).

Intellectual Property

This Intellectual Property Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “SBW™ Practitioner Agreement”) is on (Effective date) date in which I (signee) check the box below, by and between SBW™ “Body Intelligence, LLC DBA SomatIQ™ Breathwork/SBW™”, and Signee referring to “Individual receiving an SBW™ Certification” (collectively referred to as the “Parties”.)

I hereby agree that I (signee), by checking the box below, understand that all present and future rights and titles, as well as the interest to all intellectual property (hereinafter referred to as “Intellectual Property”) that is created and/or developed by SBW™ is property of SBW™ and will not infringe upon this agreement. 

Intellectual Property includes, but is not limited to, trademarks, logo, logo variations, trade names, service marks, service mark registrations, service names, patents, patent rights, copyrights, inventions, licenses, approvals, governmental authorizations, trade secrets, photos, videos, algorithms, codes, process, software, formulas, ideas, concepts, techniques and developments.

I hereby agree to not create or develop my (signee) own certification training using the methods and models learned during the SBW™ online or in-person Practitioner Training or to use the language within the workbook provided by SBW™ to create, develop, my (signee) own certification unless otherwise agreed upon between the parties, parties being SBW™ and signee.

I understand that if I (signee) infringe upon these terms I may be subject to a cease and desist and could be subject to litigation. 

Rights of Use

I hereby understand that I (signee) am permitted (allowed) to use the following Intellectual Property after I (signee) have completed and received my (signee) certification: SomatIQ™ Breathwork, SBW™, SomatIQ™ , Photos and Videos content provided directly or indirectly to me (signee) by SBW™. 

Attestation of good health:

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the above information and attest that my general health is good to participate. 

By checking this box you agree to the terms and conditions above.

If you have any questions please contacts us

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SomatIQ™ Creators 12-week program is designed for Somatic Breathwork Practitioners after practitioner training to help build and grow your business with strategies, expert guidance, and practical resources.

This comprehensive course offers a self-paced video modules, live training sessions, and interactive workshops.

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Sept 2023 (ATX) In-Person SomatIQ™ Breathwork Training

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September 28th - Oct 1st, 2023 

This is a powerful decision that will not only change your life, but the lives of many who will experience incredible transformations in the Somatic Breathwork™ Sessions that you will lead.

SomatIQ™ Breathwork Practitioner Training is designed to equip you with the skills needed to help others clear out stress and anxiety using the power of breath.  

Also Included in this training:

  • Immediate Access SomatIQ Practitioner membership 
  • Immediate Access to 500+ Private Practitioner Group

In this online training will learn:

  • Trauma-Informed Techniques to regulate the Nervous System 
  • An in-depth Somatic Understanding of The Body & Breathing
  • Self practices to regulate your own system 
  • How to hold 1:1 sessions, groups and Zoom sessions
  • How to create a themed breathwork session for your ideal clients, corporate wellness, groups and retreats. 
  • Guided NLP vocal cueing, trauma-release touch techniques & emotional release breathwork 
  • The structure of running a breathwork business
  • A practicum with live feedback and practice sessions 

Add this powerful tool to your Coaching, Therapy or Healing Practice.