Upcoming In-Person Trainings

San Diego, California (August 18th -22nd)

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3 Payments of $1133
Austin, Texas (Sept 8th-11th)

Pay in Full


Payment Plan

3 Payments of $1133

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Trauma-Informed Techniques to regulate the Nervous System 
  • An in-depth Somatic Understanding of The Body & Breathing
  • Self practices to regulate your own system 
  • Develop the sensory awareness to "Somatic Relate" and Co-regulate with your clients 
  • How to hold 1:1 sessions, groups and Zoom sessions
  • How to work with your ideal clients, corporate wellness, groups and retreats. 
  • Guided NLP vocal cueing, trauma-release touch techniques & emotional release breathwork 
  • The structure of running a breathwork business
  • Live feedback and practice sessions 
  • You have a strong desire to help clients develop Emotional Wellness & Mental Clarity 
  • You are a Coach, Practitioner, Therapist or Health & Wellness Advocate that wants to work with clients with a Somatic Approach
  • You want to have deeper understanding of "Somatic Relating" and the power of Coregulating Nervous Systems 
  • You want to develop the capacity work with both 1:1 clients and Groups
  • You are looking to learn how to support your clients in both an Online and In-Person Setting. 

$3,200 (payment plan available)

  • 4 day Live Intensive Training 9:00am - 5:00pm Thursday-Sunday Taught by Founder Steven Jaggers
  • Live Interactive Lecture, Techniques & In-Person Feedback 
  • Spiral-Bound SBW™ Course Material Book
  • Participation in Live Session for the Public 
  • Access to ongoing support & a community of practitioners  

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