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Empowering you through
somatic-based practices,
breathwork techniques,
and holistic practices
for total mind-body
…. through:

The transformation:


confirm increased
external stressors.


report transformed
in personal


observe improved
emotional regulation
after sessions.


notice enhanced



of participants
experience heightened
and vitality.
Data was collected in an independent study of over 1,000 Somatiq™ event attendees.
We are creating the space to feel, in order to heal.
We are creating the space to feel, in order to heal.
We are creating the space to feel, in order to heal.
We are creating the space to feel, in order to heal.

The Soma+IQ method

Our trademarked method of somatic breathwork reconnects the power of our mind back to
the innate wisdom of the body, offering an experiential and transformational approach to
growth and healing.

Rooted in neuroscience, our approach uses somatic-based breathwork, bodywork, and
coaching techniques to safely identify and address undigested emotions and physical tension
laying dormant in the body. By developing somatic sensing skills, individuals move toward
clarity and authentic alignment.

We are creating the space to feel, in order to heal.
We are creating the space to feel, in order to heal.
We are creating the space to feel, in order to heal.
We are creating the space to feel, in order to heal.

The Impact of

12k+ Sessions
provided annually
1.2k+ Certified Somatiq
220+ Cities Practiced worldwide
100+ hours of online training available

Hear from our community:


No matter what type of work you do, even if you’re just a human, I think everybody should know how to do this.


What a privilege and wonderful experience joining the Somatiq™ in-person practitioner training.

The opportunity to witness and hold space for complete strangers sharing and processing their suppressed emotions, traumas, and stored stresses was something that is hard to put into words. We truly are not alone in our struggles. The container the Somatiq™ team created through the training and breathwork sessions over the 4 day course supported safety, growth, education and an overall amazing experience. Since completing the training I’ve felt more connection to myself, my body, my purpose and drive. I believe this modality can serve as a great tool for healing, growth, and change and I’m looking forward to sharing it within my community.

Courtney Sugar


I am so inspired by this movement and this community. and everything that, you know, it’s been able to ripple out into this world.


Somatic Breathwork Training has been a transformative journey that has left a profound impact on my life and those around me.

The largest realization I’ve had from joining this training is the incredible power of our breath in healing and self-discovery. It’s amazing how something as natural as breathing can unlock such deep, positive changes within us. As a Somatic Breathwork Practitioner, I’ve witnessed the ripple effect of this transformation in my own life and in the lives of those around me. Friends and family have benefited from my newfound ability to guide them through breathwork sessions, helping them reduce stress, gain clarity, and tap into their inner resilience. It’s an incredible gift to be able to share this practice and see its positive impact on others. My favorite part of the Practitioner Training and SomatIQ Creators was the sense of community and support. The training provided a space for connection and growth with like-minded individuals. The collaborative learning and shared experiences were both enriching and inspiring. It truly felt like a supportive family, and that made the journey even more rewarding. I wholeheartedly recommend Somatic Breathwork Training to anyone seeking personal growth, self-discovery, and the tools to help others on their healing journeys. Whether you’re a wellness professional or simply someone looking to enhance your own well-being, this training offers profound insights and skills that can transform lives. The knowledge gained here is a gift that keeps on giving, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this life-changing experience. Joining the Somatic Breathwork community is a decision you won’t regret, and it has the potential to positively impact your life and the lives of those you touch.

Gabriela K. Chawla


It allows people to shed just so much energetic and emotional baggage in such a short span of time in such a safe nurturing kind of environment.


I went into this 4 day in person training looking to liberate myself from limiting beliefs that were holding me back to take the next step in my practice now that we moved here to the US from Peru.

The amount of wisdom, knowledge, love, support, allowance to express and safety I experienced, can easily be one of the best of my life. The SomatIQ team was the best team you could ask for. I could see them in my mind and heart, like the perfect piece of music. All nsync, all holding the best of Spaces every time. I left there feeling Empowered, dull of joy, humble and ready to experience this Amazing practice myself and share with whom ever needs it. It’s just tapping and working with the best gift life gave us, our Breath.

Rochi Valderrama

This practitioner training was absolutely wonderful: intentional, practical, grounded, inspiring, thorough, and realistic.

To be equipped with tools that help you iron out the wrinkles in yourself and then to learn that skillset to help others, that is truly an incredible gift to give yourself and receive. What I appreciated most about this practitioner training though was its authenticity and humility. Jaggers, Fish, and the instructors are very clear about the need to really understand the mechanics/framework of the SomaticIQ/Somatic Breathwork practice and the importance of multiple real world applications/practice to refine your comfort to help others. They do an incredible job introducing the notion that our job is to be weary of doing too much in our overeagerness to help others have a release. The expectation setting and corralling was the best part. It showed me the wealth of experience these guys had in helping others and seeing a diversity of experiences so that we could be present, observant, in-tune, and cognizant of what signals someone is giving us to allow us to help them and where we should tread lightly. Anyone could benefit from this, and I wish the SomaticIQ modality of breathwork was something taught more broadly at a younger age. Thank you all for creating a space to feel safe, vulnerable, a curious novice, and structuring the training so we get multiple reps and feedback in implementing the SomaticIQ Breathwork framework. This was awesome!

Son Hong

The SomatIQ Breathwork training gave me the realization that this breathwork practice is different than many other types of breathwork, as I have experienced firsthand.

While other breathwork practices also activate a client’s sympathetic nervous system, most other practices do not have a follow-on “repatterning” phase in which the client’s parasympathetic nervous system is activated to help close-out the breathwork session gently so that the client is not left in a potentially “blasted off” state at the end of the session. I got so much out of the in-person training because of the hands-on, experiential training coupled by verbal support from Steven, Fish and the other veteran practitioners who were supporting the training. My two favorite things from the in-person training was 1) helping to facilitate the almost 100-person, public breathwork session in downtown Austin on the last day of training, and 2) being able to hear Steven and Fish’s daily insights and wisdom during the training. Witnessing the public session gave me a glimpse of how this breathwork movement is transforming lives. I left the 4-day training more inspired and hopeful that because of the work born out of the wisdom from individuals like Steven and shepherded to others via Fish’s prompting, clients have another potential modality to help them tap into their own innate wisdom for self-transformation. Thank you, Steven, Fish and the whole SomatIQ Breathwork team. You are radically changing lives. See you at the future Level 2 training.

Sandy Liaw


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